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Helping You To Help Your Dog

Is your dog is one of the millions scared of fireworks?

If so, then this book is for you! Inside you'll find advice and tips to help keep your pet safe, details of products and therapies, plus practical exercises and solutions to help him work towards overcoming his fears.

Sharing the car with a poor passenger can make even the shortest of trips stressful and a miserable experience for everyone. Inside this book are details of products and therapies, plus travel training exercises so you can put the fun back into travelling together.

It is possible to have both a dog and a nice garden! You don't need to resign yourself to a trashed plot - just use a little common sense and ingenuity. Lots of suggestions including design features, lawn care, planting solutions, teaching garden rules, discouraging destructive behaviour and more!














Life with a  dog who suffers

from CCD is not easy but there's much you can do to  reduce or even help him get over his fixations. Advice on triggers, causes, identifying and managing behaviours, and creating behavioural changes for the better.

It is inevitable that at some point in your dog's life he will have to undergo treatment at a veterinary surgery. Many dogs struggle with veterinary procedures, and some won't even walk into the building! So how can you help your dog tolerate being handled by veterinary staff, and how do you build resilience so he doesn't carry that negative experience forward to the next visit?

In the fifth Skinny Dog book, Toni Shelbourne provides you with the tools you need to help the fearful dog, and offers clear, detailed training plans to prepare him for veterinary intervention. Find out why your dog is scared, how to find the right vet for you and your dog, how to inhibit fear and prepare for a vet appointment, and ways to make visits easier for you, your dog and your vet.

You'll also find details of extra support you can give, calming produces and holistic options, training plans for veterinary examination, routine procedures and veterinary equipment.



Sleep is absolutely key to good physical and mental health; it can also play a vital part in the bond between you and your dog, and in the success of your training. By understanding your dog’s sleep patterns, knowing what’s ‘normal’ and what isn’t, and how you can promote the restful slumber that they need, you can ensure they enjoy life as a healthy and happy member of your family. 

Inside the latest Skinny Dog book you'll find advice and suggestions on:

The importance of sleep

Sleep patterns

Sleep deprivation

Puppies and sleep

Getting a good night's rest

Bedtime routines


Plus troubleshooting issues, advice on identifying issues,

practical suggestions and step-by-step guides on how to promote the

restful sleep that your dog needs.